The proof is in the pudding.

We love sharing what we do and empowering teachers, classrooms, and students. Here’s what teachers have to say about our workshops and our method!

“This is the first time since I began teaching that I feel confident in my ability to teach my kids. I cannot wait to take all of these resources back to my team. You have made me excited to teach in a time where I have hit rock bottom.”

—Reina S.

“I have struggled with teaching writing for so long, and it is so relieving to finally have great ideas that I know will produce actual results. I’ve had so many lightbulb moments!”

—Kariah G

“What a fantastic, utterly relevant, and powerful two days. I was getting worried about how to get kids ready for these new item types on STAAR, but now I feel inspired, prepared and confident.”

—Laura M.

“The list of things for elementary ELAR teachers to accomplish is never ending. But now I feel like I can actually teach writing without being overwhelmed. Thank you so much.”

—Marley W.

“You made me realize how important journal writing is and I need to get back to that daily. All of the text structures are really going to help our fourth graders on the new STAAR reading test. I have so many new tools to put in mu toolbox!”

—Amy S.